Brampton Meals on Wheels | About Us
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About Us

A proud history of delivering Meals on Wheels around the world & at home

Founded in 1947 in Great Britain during the Blitz as many people lost their homes and the ability to cook their own food, The Women’s Volunteer Service for Civil Defense (WVS, later WRVS), began delivering food to those in need. Many early services used old prams to deliver the meals, using straw bales and even felt hats to keep the meals warm.

As the concept of delivering meals made its way across the world, modern programs began delivering meals to the housebound elderly for free or with donations.  Programs around the world vary widely in their size, service provided, organization and funding.


Our vision is to assist individuals to live independently, in the comfort of their own home.


Our mission is to provide a service in the Brampton area that delivers nutritions meals to individuals who need assistance, through the support of friendly volunteers who delivery every meal with a smile.


• Fostering Independent Living

• Promoting Nutritious Eating

• Supporting Dignity and Compassion

• Providing Social Interaction and Human Connection

• Encouraging Voluntary Community Service Contribution/Support

First Meals on Wheels in Canada was delivered in Brampton

The first Meals on Wheels in Canada was delivered right here in Brampton, Ontario in 1963. Throughout the years, demand for Meals on Wheels continued to grow. By 1989, our program delivered an average of 125 meals a day, 5 days a week, to over 368 clients. With over 70 Brampton volunteers, approximately 4,800 volunteer hours and 55,000kms were logged. Even in terrible winter storms, our team never missed a delivery.

We introduced the frozen meals program in the early 90s to ensure our clients had access to nutritious meals on weekends. Today, Meals on Wheels is a community support service available in over 200 communities across Ontario with over 20,000 committed, well-trained volunteers. Ontario volunteers provide over 2 million meals each year in Ontario.

Meet Our Team

Our dedicated team ensure’s that the Brampton community is well fed!

Karen Humber

Executive Director

“I have been proudly working at Brampton Meals on Wheels since 2004. This is the most rewarding job one could have. Our clients, volunteers and fellow office personnel are the most welcoming and enjoyable people to be working with. Helping others is the most satisfying feeling.”

Rosa Oliveira

Assistant Director

“Working for Brampton Meals on Wheels has given me a better appreciation for our senior community. I know we have a positive impact for clients and volunteers. Having this service is a WIN – WIN situation for everyone involved.”

Flora Martel

Part-Time Associate

“Being a part of this dedicated team is very rewarding and inspiring to me. And we have such wonderful clients too.”

Beverly Hillier

Part-Time Associate

Our Board Of Director’s

Our Board of Directors’ have varied backgrounds, experiences and skill sets that add tremendous value to the Brampton Meals on Wheels operation. All Board members are volunteers that meet on a quarterly basis to review the operations, meal services, volunteer initiatives and community programs. We are grateful for the contributions they make in serving the people of our community and Brampton Meals on Wheels clients.

  • Amanda Blaber – President
  • Terence Parkinson – Vice President/Secretary
  • Walter Gibbons – Treasurer
  • Rita Challenger – Director
  • Judy Holcomb-Williams – Director
  • Olga Indacocha – Director
  • Rochelle Gordon – Director
  • Don Sargent – Past President