Brampton Meals on Wheels | BMOW’S NEW CAR
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Brampton Meals on Wheels (BMOW) staff and board members celebrate today the delivery of a new vehicle from Brampton North Nissan. The vehicle will be key to the organizational support offered through the new Community Engagement Sponsorship from Performance Auto Group.

Performance Auto Group is providing the organization with a brand new 2015 Nissan Rogue, completely personalized with BMOW’s logo. These new “wheels” will be used to help promote BMOW’s programs and services, and to deliver meals throughout Brampton

The generosity of Performance Auto Group will help BMOW to use this vehicle to support its mission to aid seniors and people living with illness or disability to live healthy and independent lives with dignity.

Brampton Meals on Wheels President Don Sargent says “we are delighted at this wonderful opportunity that Performance Auto Group has given us. Their generosity and their commitment to supporting the local community is inspiring. We are honoured they have chosen to partner with us.”

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