Brampton Meals on Wheels | Our Kitchen
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Our Kitchen

Quality, Nutritious Meals Prepared With Care

Brampton Meals on Wheels programs are organized in partnership with Peel Manor’s nutritional experts. Peel Manor prepares on average over 230,000 meals a year for both residents and the Brampton Meals on Wheels program. The Food Service Department is comprised of food service supervisors, a registered dietician and certified cooks. All meals are prepared in a state-of-the-art facility, ensuring proper food handling and cleanliness.

Our menus are planned under the supervision of a registered dietician to ensure balance, variety, and proper is nutrition with every meal. We constantly strive to refresh our recipes, staying in touch with seasonality and trends to give our clients options for endless enjoyment.

Hot Meal Program

Our hot meals are perfect for diabetics. We also offer minced and pureed options for those who require. Our Ready-To-Eat Hot Meal Program consists of a soup, a main meal (which includes a protein, starch, and vegetables), as well as a dessert. All meals are portion controlled and delivered in both biodegradable and recyclable containers. Our menu follows a 28 day rotation, offering a nutritional, balanced meal plan every week.